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Symposium - Collecting The City

5 November 2021 until 6 November 2021
9:00 - 17:00
Stadsarchief Amsterdam

In 2025, Amsterdam will celebrate its 750th anniversary: a milestone to look forward to and a time for reflection. Who are the people who shape and reshape our city today? What objects and stories should we preserve for future generations? And what is the connection between these stories? How can the Amsterdam Museum showcase the city in a way that invites people to look and listen further than they are used to?

Collecting the City is a project in which the Amsterdam Museum and DutchCulture will work closely with Founding Partners the Public Library (OBA), the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Stadsarchief and the City of Amsterdam in 2021. 

The Collecting the City trajectory will kick off with a freely accessible symposium, which will take place on 5 - 6 November 2021. On the first day we will walk from the Stadsarchief on Vijzelgracht along a route that takes in local initiatives in the districts of Amsterdam Nieuw-West and Zuid-Oost. We will be inspired by new ways of telling the story of the city, after which we will continue our discussions during an evening program with dinner in Amsterdam Noord.

On the second day we will gather in Felix Meritis for a program of panel discussions and interactive workshops. We will examine the issues surrounding new forms of collecting, managing and displaying collections. Who actually determines what 'the story' is?

International museum professionals, artists and experts share their unique perspectives on how to tell an inclusive story about the city, how younger generations can change the narrative and how to celebrate the many different perspectives of Amsterdam in the future. More than ever, the city's story is being shaped from the bottom up. We are ready for it!


Program Friday morning November 5th at Het Stadsarchief:

09:00 hrs    Opening & introductie, welkom by Bert de Vries (Stadsarchief Amsterdam) 
09:15 hrs    Keynote by Stella Toonen (PhD Researcher Tate & King's College London)
10:00 hrs    Panel (founding) partners (Amsterdam Museum, Oba, Stadsarchief, Dutch Culture, Erasmus Universiteit & Gemeente Amsterdam)

Program Friday afternoon November 5th through Amsterdam Nieuw-West & Zuidoost:
12:00 - 16:00 hrs visiting initiatives in city districts Nieuw-West and Zuidoost
(The Beach, Oba Postjesweg, ZINA, Vrouw & Vaart, Brandweerkazerne Reigersbos, Imagine IC and CBK Zuidoost.)

Program Friday evening November 5th at MOK Amsterdam in Amsterdam Noord:

17:30 - 21:00 hrs Dinner with a special program hosted by Massih Hutak (Verdedig Noord) including writer Chris Keulemans about his new book ‘Gastvrijheid’ and music performances by singer Shariffa. 

Program Saturday 6 november in Felix Meritis:

09:00     Walk-in 
09:15     Opening & introduction
09:30     Session 1 - ‘Who’s story do we tell?’ - about power and decentralisation (Theo Tegelaers - TAAK, Elif Uzun - Huis van alle talen, Fouad Lakbir & Diane Elshout - Jacob Geelmuseum/Moving Arts Project)
10:30     Subsession - presentation & Q&A 30 years Bijlmervliegramp (Danielle Kuijten - Imagine IC)
11:00     Session 2 - New Generation changemakers - new city narratives with perspectives from Madrid, London, Paris and Istanbul (Kévi Donat, Niko Barrena, Irem Alpay, Nathan Twentyman)
12:00     Lunchbreak
13:00     Session 3 -  Digital archive - ‘collecting is not enough’ (Marc Holtman, Ivo Zandhuis and Nirav Malsattar )
14:30    Workshops 
Workshop ‘Dialogue tabels’ by Mercedes Zandwijken (Keti Koti Fafel)
Workshop ‘Diversity & Museums’ by The Black Archives
Workshop ‘Co-creation and Organisational change by Stella Toonen (PhD Researcher Tate & King's College London)
Workshop ‘Storytelling’ by Fouad Lakbir (Storyteller)
15:30    Closing session

19:00 - 00:00 Museumnacht Amsterdam