Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck - Rembrandt's Master Pupils

13 October 2017 to 18 February 2018

The Amsterdam Museum, together with the Rembrandt House Museum, presents the first ever major retrospective exhibition devoted to the artists Ferdinand Bol (1616‑1680) and Govert Flinck (1615‑1660). Below, you can read more about the exhibition, the book, activities, the city walk and even order your combi ticket now.

The exhibition
The focus in the Rembrandt House Museum will be on the artists’ time as pupils of Rembrandt. For its part, the Amsterdam Museum will show how the artists grew to become masters in their own right. With the help of a rapidly growing network, these ambitious artists succeeded in rising to the pinnacle of the art market. The two contemporaries not only became formidable competitors of their former master, but also each other. Even during their lifetime, they outshone Rembrandt’s success. Two other institutions in the city, the Royal Palace Amsterdam and Museum Van Loon, will link to this exhibition by focusing on the two artists during the same period.

Ferdinand Bol Zelfportret ca. 1647 particuliere_collectie
Govert Flinck Zelfportret ca. 1640. Wallraf-Richartz-Museum bruikleen particuliere collectie

Beautifully-illustrated book
This beautifully-illustrated book documents the latest insights about Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck, in a series of longer essays and short pieces on a range of topics. These provide a fascinating insight into their lives and work, from their time as pupils of Rembrandt, to their major successes as independent masters who excelled in major historic works and elegant portraits. The book not only explores their extraordinary artistic talent, but also looks at the family connections and social networks that were instrumental in their success. Bol and Flinck received commissions from the great and the good, both from private individuals and princes and city institutions, including the city militia and city hall. Around fifteen paintings by Bol and Flinck have been specially restored for the exhibition. All in all, the book will be a valuable addition to any art lover’s collection.

City walk between Amsterdam Museum and Rembrandt House Museum
The Amsterdam Museum and the Rembrandt House Museum are offering a city walk free of charge. The route will run between the two museums, making it ideal for visitors wishing to view both exhibitions. Discover the story of Bol and Flinck at a variety of different locations in the city. You can collect the leaflet from the cash desk at either museum.

Combi ticket
For the duration of the exhibition, the price of a combination ticket for both the Rembrandt House Museum and the Amsterdam Museum is €20. Entrance to both museums is free of charge with a Museum Card or an I amsterdam City Card.