The Little Orphanage

Children on adventure in a 17th century orphanage

The Little Orphanage (Het Kleine Weeshuis), children and their parents can discover together what life was like in the 17th-century orphanage.

For 400 years, the building complex which now houses the Amsterdam Museum was the City Orphanage of Amsterdam. With his display, the museum brings the building and its history to life.

Visitors experience The Little Orphanage with all their senses. Learn about what life was like in a 17th-century orphanage in the heart of a flourishing trade city and discover he closed world behind the orphanage doors. See dining rooms, dormitories, classrooms, kitchens, a crude toilet and even a cattle shed! The youngest visitors to The Little Orphanage discover animals hidden along the way and children over the age of seven befriend the little orphan boy Jurriaan.

The Little Orphanage tour is available in Dutch and English.

Het Kleine Weeshuis
Het Kleine Weeshuis