17 October 2015 - 13 March 2016

‘Transmission’ is the title Miep (b. 1949) chose for the exhibition of photos of which she is the subject. The stunning portraits of Miep by photographers Koos Breukel and Milette Raats offer the Amsterdam Museum an opportunity to provide a platform for other stories from and about transgender people.

For Miep, ‘Transmission’ represents an indefinable twilight zone without precise contours a place of change. Many people in the transgender community will recognise this concept of twilight. In this exhibition, numerous others alongside Miep share their experiences in the transgender world. Through items they themselves have contributed – a fur coat, a rainbow flag, a petticoat – they tell us their personal stories about gender, recognition, longing and pride.

On Fridays during the exhibition, sharing moments will be held where Amsterdammers can relate their own thoughts and stories. We will also screen the Dutch-language documentary ‘Transanders’ [Transother] in the auditorium on various dates.

‘Transmission’ is the first in a series of programmes where the Amsterdam Museum provides a podium for Amsterdammers who make the city what it is, but who as yet are not often seen or heard in its museums. For this series, entitled ‘Ontmoet Amsterdam’ [Meet Amsterdam], the museum worked closely with the Amsterdammers concerned. They were invited to tell their story in their own words to a large audience and to share feedback and ideas for the right structure and tone. Read more about the ‘Transmission’ exhibition and the Meet Amsterdam project.

Photography: Koos Breukel

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